Header image Whidbey Island Orchestra

The Whidbey Island Orchestra was formed in 2007 to provide quality musical experiences
for young and adult musicians of Whidbey Island and for our community.


No audition is required for joining the Whidbey Island Orchestra. Members should be able to play at an intermediate level or above. If you are unsure about your ability please email our conductor, Cynthia Morrow at conductor@whidbeyorchestras.org .

Adult members pay dues ($35 per program). See Info for Members for details.

Students through high school are included 'on scholarship'. They do not pay fees, but are expected to contribute time and/or talent to further the orchestra's activities.

No one is excluded from participating in the Whidbey Island Orchestra because of inability to pay. Musicians for whom the tuition would preclude participation should contact a Board member or the conductor.

All members are expected to consistently attend rehearsals, to be in their seats ready to play at the scheduled rehearsal time, and to show good rehearsal attention.